The Sibillini mountains: excursions for everyone

Sarnano lies at the foot of the Sibillini mountains, the enchanted range that has bewitched worldwide travellers for centuries.

The mountains take their name from the legendary Sibyl, some people say a fairy, others a witch or even a queen according to French writer Antoine De La Sale, sent here in 1420 by the Duchess of Bourbon to investigate the truthfulness of the legends told about these mountains.

The truth is that by walking on the Sibillini mountains you will find yourself surrounded by an enchanting landscape, able to arouse profound feelings and reawaken the deep connection between man and nature.

The charm of the Sibillini mountains is not just tied to its folklore though. On our mountains it is possible to spot and observe many species of animals in their natural habitat, such as the wolf, the red deer, the roe deer, or the eagle.

The flora itself is full of surprises, particularly at spring time, when no less than 37 varieties of wild orchids bloom and together with daffodils, forget-me-nots, gentians and asphodels, colour the meadows with their spectacular show of blooming.

Finally, the Sibillini mountains are also renowned for the presence of many sanctuaries, such as Macereto, places where the sacred and profane merge and lead the soul to reflect on the most authentic traits of human nature.

If you love hiking, outdoor activities, legends and myths, the Sibillini mountains will gift you with an unique experience.

From our residence it is possible to drive to the starting points of the most famous excursion routes: Monte Sibilla, Lago Pilato, Lame Rosse, Grotta dei Frati, Gole dell’Infernaccio, Eremo di San Leonardo, Monte Vettore, Monte Priora and many other routes with various lengths and challenges.

Sarnano and its surroundings offer opportunities for everyone: medieval towns, walking excursions, mountain biking, spa breaks, winter sports, hang gliding, museums, historical and artistic routes and fun activities for children.

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